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the World of Japanese Food

Tabeerü has partnered with a range of Japanese food writers, producers, and chefs who are willing to share their knowledge about Japanese food with members. Learn about the differences between Japanese tea producing regions, or how the sharpness or shape of a knife can affect how sushi tastes. Participate in discussions and surveys about Japanese food, and impress your friends the next time you take them out for sushi.


Interact with other Japanese
Fans and Producers

By becoming a member and interacting with the community, you can contribute to the future of Japanese food. Every week, Japanese retailers, producers, and chefs come to the community with their questions. Answering these questions can help shape future trends in Japanese food.

Do you have something you’d like to share? Active members are invited to write guest contributions, enhancing the community’s shared knowledge bank.

Earn Points for Contributions

Active participation in the community, whether through liking posts, commenting, or answering surveys, receives points. The more points you receive, the more you can unlock, from being able to comment on or begin discussions, to receiving discount coupons, offers at participating retailers, or being able to exchange points for gift cards or donations to charity through our Voices for Good program.

*Some feature coming soon.


Tabeerü is an Interactive Food

Rather than a uni-directional media website, Tabeerü allows participants to interact with not only each other, but also with producers and retailers for a truly interactive experience.

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Japanese Food

Discover articles from the basic to the advanced

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Communicate and interact with like-minded fans of Japanese food

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Earn Points for

Earn points and use them towards special offers or donations to charity

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Discover New Trends
and Products

Read about the latest trends and new products, and be the first to buy them

Discover New Trends and Products

Want to see what’s happening in the world of Japanese food products? We will be featuring the latest food trends and products straight from Japan. We also link directly with local retailers and partners for ease of purchase. You can be the first in your friend circle to try the latest out of Japan.



  • A Membership in the community is completely free.
  • A You can earn points by liking content, making comments, and answering surveys.
    *Some features coming soon.
  • A Members who have earned a certain status level will be able to write content. Alternatively, if you'd like to join our writing team, please contact us.
  • A Tabeerü is run and managed by Koeerü Inc., an IT startup based in Kamakura, Japan.
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