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From the vegetables to the salt, everything comes from our community that we trust

Oicheech, run by travel-loving couple Satoru and Ikuyo Segi is found in the Omachi Area of Kamakura, where many old-school shops still remain. They opened in 2012 serving lunch sets during the day and as a bar at night. The shop was previously an old building which they renovated themselves and created a space that anyone could feel at home. It has become known as the place to gather for many locals and is also welcoming for even a lone traveler who wanders upon this place. Currently, they are closed at night and only open during the day where they mainly cater and sell bento boxes. Lunch is open occasionally, therefore it is recommended to check their Instagram for their up to date opening hours before visiting. Their appetizing, healthy weekly lunches features a main and side dish full of vegetables, brown rice and miso soup.

The colorful bentos will satisfy your mind and body



Check their Facebook and Instragram for opening days and hours


“When there is good food, people can communicate without words” explains Ikuyo. She believes that cooking is an important tool for communication and that a dish cooked from the heart can replace greetings, self-introductions and more.
Last year, Oicheech released an all-purpose seasoning called “Oichee” which comes in three varieties: ‘chili’ (chili paste with mandarin orange and ginger), ‘balsa’ (all-purpose sauce made with balsamic vinegar, garlic, and oil) and seasonal ‘umesehou’ (stewed plum and ginger dressing). With this seasoning they hope it travels on their behalf and connects them to people all over the world. ‘Oichee’ can be used in so many ways. Pouring it over boiled vegetables is the best way to discover how good it is and they believe that anyone can enjoy the art of cooking as their repertoire grows just by using it.

A small bottle of Oichee seasoning magically makes anything taste event better whether it is Western or Japanese cuisine


The salt used in their food and ‘Oichii’ come from a salt producer in Hirado, Nagasaki who says that, “It is not only the sea but also the mountains that makes delicious salt, which is why we need to protect mother nature.” His ambition to use traditional techniques and his words impressed Ikuyo greatly. Satoru and Ikuyo were determined to open a shop that features products made by people with same values, from their food to their tableware. The plums they use are from Wakayama, the coffee is from Tsubame Coffee in Inamuragasaki, the plates are made by a friend in Kagoshima. By valuing each and every one of the products they use, they can connect and create a community with the customers, farmers and producers, which is exactly what makes Oicheech unique. Above all, the way Ikuyo simply says, “I just want to continue cooking”, shows the true charm of Oicheech.

The locals eagerly waiting for the bar to reopen
You can feel the owners sense of style and her attention to detail in every corner of the store




TELEPHONE 0467-55-9582
ADDRESS 1-3-21 Omachi Kamakura Kanagawa

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